Ammersee Lakes Amenities Overview

As you walk through Ammersee Lakes thinking of all the things you need to do, STOP and contemplate the wonderful surroundings we all enjoy. Put that problem aside, forget that worry and concern, come back to that problem later.

Sit a spell on the bench, watch the ducks play in the lake, catch the sound of the birds telling tomorrow will be a better day, but for now just enjoy the moment - relax


Chattahoochee Kayaking

Kayaking on the Chattahoochee as it passes through Ammersee Lakes

Lakes & Fishing

Ammersee is built around three man made lakes that provide homes for bass and brim, turtles, ducks, geese and herons. Residents and their guests (of all ages) are welcome to fish as long as they agree to return them to the water. Guests of residents are asked to register with the Gatehouse attendant if they plan to fish in the lakes. The blue herons are often seen fishing on our lakes and are the only residents allowed to keep their catch.

Nature Trail

The nature trail, one of Ammersee Lakes` most enjoyable amenities, is a one-mile walkway around the middle and upper lakes. It offers a wonderful place to enjoy exercise, sunrises, sunsets and serenity as the mist rises in the morning. Repair and clean up of the trail brings opportunities for residents to work together to keep the neighborhood beautiful. It is always a joy to watch the families of ducks and geese grow up during the summer and the variety of wildflowers as the seasons change. 


Hours: Monday - Sunday: 7AM to 10 PM
Opens : 4/15
Closes : 10/17

Ammersee Lakes has a beautiful tennis and pool complex in the midst of the community complemented by beautiful landscaping. The pool area consists of a large patio and deck surface, which surrounds a twenty-foot by sixty-foot lap pool that gently slopes from three and a half feet in the shallow end to five feet in the deep end. The pool area has bathroom and shower facilities for both men and women. The entire complex is completely surrounded by a six-foot high wrought iron fence with two locking gates. Keys are available to residents at the gatehouse. The pool is open usually from May until September or longer depending upon weather conditions. 

For More information on Pool Rules, Excercise Programs, & Reservations, Please click here. 

River Overlook

Want to just go fishing on the Chattahoochee River or just sit in a swing and listen to the birds? Take the nature trail down to the River Overlook and walk a winding path through the woods and you could be a hundred miles outside the city even though you haven’t left Ammersee. The opportunity to tune in to nature is right there.


Hours: 7AM to 10 PM
Opens : Jan 1
Closes : Dec 31

Ammersee Lakes has two hard surface pickleball courts and one tennis court with fencing on all sides and wind screening on three. A viewing area and gazebo create a natural wind barrier for the fourth side. The courts have good night lighting, and may be used after dark until 10 PM. Although informally used, scheduling is required to guarantee a playing time. They are available for scheduling seven days per week. The courts are well maintained and usually dry off within twelve hours after a rain. They are located next to the swimming pool and utilize the same parking lot. 

For more information on Court Reservations, please click here.